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amyleestills's Journal

Amy Lee Icon Stills
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Welcome to amyleestills. This is a challenge community for making non-animated icons of Amy Lee of Evanescence. This community is run by aliceunbelongng and imaginaryxlies.

01.All icons submitted here will have Amy Lee in them.

02.Only submit as many icons(or less) than the moderator specifies.

03.All icons must be LiveJournal compatible. (not over 100x100 or 40KB, and in jpg, png, or gif format-no freaking bitmaps!)

04.Do not claim someone else's work as your own!

05.Submitions must be anonymous, so your icons should not have been anywhere on the net other than here and your server until the contest is over.

06.Don't submit under multiple usernames just so you can get more icons in. Keep in mind the banner you'll receive will have the username of the submitter on it.

07.Please submit your icons like this:


01.Don't vote for your own icon!

02.Don't cheat by telling people to vote for you!

03.Depending on the amount of icons you'll probably vote for your top 3. I may tell you to vote for more or an extra category. I may also do a mods choice.

01.Icons are due by Saturday at 11 pm central or until voting is posted unless I state otherwise.

02.Voting is usually posted on Sunday around 1 a.m. but if it isn't you have more time to submit.

03.Winners will be posted after voting ends.

04.The next theme/challenge will be posted.

05.Banners will be posted.

None yet.

-fallen_icontest//aliceunbelongng, publicinertia, toolostobesaved

-lc_stills//aliceunbelongng, publicinertia, toolostobesaved

-lc_challenge//aliceunbelongng, publicinertia, toolostobesaved

-wometal_stills//happeh_hobbit imaginaryxlies